Not all the tools below are essential, but nevertheless handy to have when working with polymer clay.


  •          Thin, sharp tissue blade (plastic knife for kids)
  •          Good quality craft knife preferably with interchangeable blades
  •          Ceramic tile, glass, stainless steel or marble surface
  •          Stainless steel, acrylic or marble roller
  •          Various tools for sculpting. Metal is a better option for polymer clay.
  •          Polymer clay machine or a household pasta machine (optional, but handy)
  •          Shaped cutters
  •          Wooden guides/ dowels
  •          Piercing tool
  •          Bead rack/ household sponge or aluminum foil
  •          Metallic and Pearl rub-on powders
  •          Glitter
  •          Texture sheets or embossed paper
  •          Rubber stamps
  •          Moulds
  •          Extruder
  •          Baking tray or dish dedicated to polymer clay work, or a smooth ceramic tile.
  •          Domestic oven
  •          Miniature metal grater.


A lot of items can be found in and around the house, keep your polymer clay tools separate from food utensils.