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Welcome To Clayologie - 100% Pure & Premium Polymer Clay Products 🇿🇦

We Offer A Wide Range Of Unique
Polymer Clays

Clayologie is an all-South African brand offering a range of high-quality polymer clay products made using proprietary formulations.

Whether you are a local artisan, an aspiring artist or just looking for a creative outlet, Clayologie has something for everyone.

Welcome To Clayologie
100% Pure Clay Products Made In Cape Town 🇿🇦

We Offer A Wide Range Of Unique Polymer Clays

Clayologie is an all South African brand with proprietary formulations and unique products.

Be Creative With Clayologie

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100% Pure & High Quality Polymer Clay

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Clayologie Polymer Clay

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Teresse Claassens


Received my package from Clayologie today! Can’t wait to try EVERYTHING out! 😂 🌻

Elna Brits


Fantastic product. Very forgiving form of art, but so addictive. Love it.

Melani Simpson De Vos


Thank you for your friendly, personal service and for going above & beyond to let us purchase clay during this time. The clay is also fantastic quality. Recommend, 5 stars

Lezanne Longbottom


I give Clayologie a 5star . Their online service are quick. And they keep you updated with your order process. My mom use to go buy my Clay's there at the warehouse and she said the staff was always so kind and helpful. Their clays are amazing. I use it for my jewelry business. Proudly South African brand. Support local. Shop local.

Johan Crafford


Have had nothing but good, helpful experiences yet. Clay is lovely to work with as well. Thank you

Jennifer Nel


Have been ordering from them for ages...stunning product!

Rolien Viljoen


I am so impressed with the fast delivery!

Be Creative With Clayologie

Lovely Creations By Our Customers

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