Clayologie Polymer Clay

Manganese Blue Ink Liquid Clay (30g)


Clayologie ™ Liquid Polymer Clay is fun, easy and mess-free, suitable for use by professionals, adults or children.


Clayologie™ Liquid Polymer Clay has a honey-like consistency and comes supplied in easy-to-use nozzle bottles (30ml).

When left exposed to air it might thicken a little but always remains soft until baked. If it hasn’t been used in a while but if shaken, air bubbles will form and will need 24 hours to settle again before use. Try and avoid bubbles by popping them with a pin.

Dispense using the nozzle tip for detailed work. Bake at 130 C for 40 minutes.

Use this product to:

Transfer images and photos easily
Use as liquid grout
Create Stained glass effects
Create Wings
Create Icing and whipped cream on miniature cakes
Embed millefiori slices on pendant and beads
Depth in pendants and beads
Add details on media
Create glazes for faux ceramic effects
Embed and adhere various media to polymer clay
Strengthen your sculpture
Add 3D effects
Some artists like to use it thickened when used for “frosting” on their polymer clay cakes.

Additional information

Weight 40 g

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